The Artist's Desk: Invites and Portraits

Happy Mardi Gras season to everyone! I don't usually participate in the festivities of mardi gras parade going, but I do enjoy this time of year! Everything is so colorful, lively and fun. This year though, I will be working through the holiday...which I do not mind, of course! When you enjoy what you do it makes work that much easier.

The Artist's Desk: What I'm Working On

Happy Thursday, art enthusiasts!

I thought I would start an on-going series called The Artist's Desk. In these posts, I will talk about anything art related that I am doing; wether it be work in progress of commissions, personal projects, or art goals that I develop and change through out my journey! Today, I'm going to talk about the list of work in progress things that I have on my desk at the moment.

Into the art mood

Koi Friendship by Mara Medium

These last few days I have been feeling like total crap! However, I am glad to have been feeling well enough to produce some very heart felt art for a dear friend's very belated Christmas gift. I really hope she enjoys it, as I did making it! My friend loves aquatic life and fish, so I am thinking she will like this piece. This is my first painting for 2018; yes!

Happy 2018: New Year; New Art Goals

Today, is my sweet husband-to-be's birthday! Happy birthday, honey..I love you! 

Artwork by J.O. Design

Happy New Year, creatives! Is it too late for me to still say that? Oh, well! I am blessed to be able to see another year come in; to reflect on what transpired in 2017, and happily look forward what is left to be accomplished in 2018! With the dawn of a new year, I have made a list of creative things I'd at least like to attempt this year:

Work, play, and all the things in between

Work in progress commission | Monogram Florals

I haven't posted in awhile and today is a best as any to do it! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday..I surely did! Now, things are kicking off for the preparation of Christmas. I am ready to pull out my marshmallows, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas DVD. My family and I aren't too big on the extravagance of Christmas, we celebrate in our own special way and remember it for the true meaning that it is. Nonetheless, I do enjoy the joy humanity adopts around this time of year.