The Artist's Desk: Vintage Car Logos

What's up creatives!

Another week is almost wrapped up and I can say, I am excited for the weekend! Hopefully, I will get the chance to sleep, art, and write my pen friends. Speaking of, my favorite artist and art tuber recently contacted me and wants to be penpals with me. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the message on Instagram! I have been following Kiara on social media ever since my journey with watercolor began. She is such an inspiration and I couldn't be more excited! I currently await her first letter. Of course, my first letter has to be super cool! I think I will do a bit of shopping and send her some art supplies that I think are awesome.

So, what's on the Artist's Desk this week? Well, just today I got the impromptu task to design logos for a vintage car upholstery shop that is local to me. The owner and his go-between guy aren't exactly sure what they like in a I just gave it a shot. I like how my designs came out; especially since I've not done any graphics work for those in the automotive field.

That's pretty much it for this week! I am happy to announce that my client, Dasha, who previously commissioned graphics work for her new Etsy shop, is now open for business! Check out her awesome creations (and my work!) at Fuchsia Truffle on Etsy.

March Art Madness

Happy March, everyone!

I just realized that the first week of this month has almost flown by me without a post. To make up for it, I hope you all enjoy the new blog design! I still have a few tidbits to tidy up here and there from the old design, but for the most part, it is functioning and looks nice (in my opinion). What do you think?

To kick off the month of March, I am featuring my biggest sale yet, the March Madness Sale...all ready-to-ship artwork is $25 AND all fine art commissions sized 12 x 12" and below, are also $25! If you have have ever wanted to adopt a Mara Medium art piece, or have something special made for your home, now is your chance. This special will run all month long, March 1st - 31st so, don't miss out!

I am hoping to clear out inventory so I can make room for other creations I'd like to bring to life. In the meantime, I have been focusing on graphics commissions and my giveaway winner's artwork. I usually do not take such a long time to do a commissioned piece, but I found myself starting over with this one. I feel bad to make this deserving winner wait a little bit longer, but it must the best work I can give; alas sometimes that means to start completely over. I hope she doesn't mind so much. Other than that, and the special 50th anniversary Delta Zeta artwork I am currently working on, my paint palette is clear. For last week's Artist Desk feature, I was commissioned by a local boutique to design something simple and elegant featuring their latest fashion. The full page ad above is what I created! The shop owner loves it.

In all honesty, I am quite tired as of late. So tired, I haven't done as much art-ing as I would like. Hopefully the health issues that are ailing me will be alleviated soon, I'll be on the mend, and then I can get back to my usual self!

The Artist's Desk: Etsy shop designs

Hey artwork! I am back for another installment of my on-going series, The Artist's Desk. This week, I am working on graphic bits for an Etsy shop owner. I love when I get a freelance job that comes across my desk and really gets me excited. This one, gave me the opportunity to learn and research. Art students never truly graduate..but continue to learn and grow!