My Sugarbone's Art Contest Entry!

The adorable mascot of SUGARBONES, little miss Penelope! (Artwork by Sugarbones)

This past weekend I worked diligently on my contest entry for the shop Sugarbones! This online shop  has gained much popularity due to it's originally cute, feminine, and bad-ass illustrations and designs. The merchandise offered there range from enamel pins to luxe lounge wear and more. Recently, the artist and creator of SB (Cheyenne Federiconi) launched an art contest all about her new and adorable mascot, Penelope! Penelope is a mystical girl / unicorn hybrid who's backstory indicates she is in charge of making sure merchandise production and order processes run smoothly. She also has an affinity for fashion.

I knew right away that I wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to redress someone else's character, based on the personality presented. It was so much fun putting my own twist on Penelope!

Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Paper
Dr. Ph Martin's India Ink
Dowler Rowney Black India Ink
Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor
Finetec Gold Paint
Acrylic Paint
Uniball Signier Gel Pen

I posted my entry on Instagram @maramedium The contest ends Wednesday May 16th with 13 winners being awarded awesome prizes. Wish me luck!

Passion Projects & Why They Are Important

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about passion projects. What is it? I define passion projects as just that; a work that you not only put your very best energies into, but you're passionate about it and you feel strongly about seeing it to completion. I love all my commissions equally, but it is very rare that something I want to produce actually lines up with my list of commissions to be completed with the month.

For awhile I have wanted to produce some type of medusa inspired artwork. I love greek mythology and find the characters in those various stories so intriguing. Apparently, I am not the only one! Recently, I have the pleasure of working on a commission for a very promising band with a positive message to tell. In their quest to form a band logo, one of their logo ideas was the medusa head, not only representing the tale of Medusa herself, but a representation of positive feminist energy and the band mates. I was excited about this project from the very start and so humbled that this band found something about my work that resonated with them and inspired them to commission me to do it.

Flora Phalanges No. 2 Work In Progress | Inspired by my mother's favorite flowers; tulips!

So, why are passion projects so important? I feel like, its really easy to fall into the artist block rut. It can be mundane and tiring to constantly do work that you have no connection to or love for. Paying the bills is important, and by no means do I recommend quitting your day job and putting responsibility out the window, just to chase every passion project, however it is good to squeeze them in when you can. They are a way to revitalize your drive and creative flow. Doing what you love has only benefits and no drawbacks when it comes to artwork (in my opinion!) Along side this, my other passion project is the completion of Flora Phalanges series. It is an on going passion project with no definite deadline, but I feel accomplished just by getting it started.

What are you passionate about as a creator / artist / thinker ?

The Artist's Desk: Nursery Logo Designs

Reborn dolls created by Artist Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies, Inc.

I am back with another week of The Artist's Desk and I'm pretty fond of what I have created. (Not to *toot* my own horn!) I was recently commissioned to create a logo design for reborn doll artist's business called, Pumpkin Doodle Babies, Inc. This project is definitely near to my heart as I collect reborn dolls as another one of my hobbies. The artist, Kory Fann, is so talented. I actually have the pleasure of owning one of her beautifully crafted collectible dolls...but I'm getting off topic, aren't I? Anyhow, here is what I have been working on for her as of late.