LIVE! Black Friday Art Sale

Happy Monday, Art World!

I am starting Monday off with happy news. Today is the start of my holiday art special for Black Friday! From now, until December 1st when you purchase a read-to-shop artwork piece, you can receive a clearance artwork piece for FREE! All US customers can enjoy free shipping. (International buyers may shop as well, but must pay shipping cost). I have added some of my very favorite pieces to the SHOP of Ready-to-ship items..including my big #Inktober2017 Art Challenge finale Witch Magic. I will admit, a few of these pieces are hard to let go as they are my favorites, but I know someone will enjoy them even more! Also, for the holiday season, graphic art commissions are now closed, however fine art commissions are still open and available!

Visit the SHOP to check out my updated inventory and more on how to purchase!

#Inktober Week 4: The Big Finish!

Day 31 - The Last Inktober 2017 Piece!

Happy Monday, creatives!

I am happy to say, that we are in the last days of the Inktober 2017 art challenge! I am still in awe at myself that I made it through the entire process; so very proud! Here is this week's postings. I will edit this post to include the final piece for tomorrow (Oct. 31, 2017) I was happy to complete a lovely dark goddess themed painting for a dear friend of mine, as a commission. I'm so grateful to those who have supported my artwork this month!

#Inktober Week 3

Day 15

It is time for my weekly #Inktober2017 Art Challenge update! Here is this past week's line up of artwork. For Day 20-23 I am bit behind due to needing the time off to spend with my fiancé after his oral surgery. Nevertheless, I should be back on track by this Thursday if I can make two pieces in one night! This challenge has helped me grow so much! The ending reward isn't so bad either! The end is so near; I can't believe I have actually conquered this art challenge. 

Wishlist: Faber-Castell Polychromes Pencils

Photo by Dominika of  ilojleen

Once again, another art product has me drooling and wanting to try it! In comes the Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils. I have tried Faber-Castell PIT pens as well as graphite pencils and I do enjoy using their products, but the one that steals the show seems to be their colored pencils. This art tool has been recommended by many of my favorite artists on YouTube like Jacquelin de Leon and Alisa Vysochina, among countless others. I have owned their competitor's brand Prismacolor Premiere and I honestly don't see that much of a difference between that and Crayola for what I use them for. I really would like to try some for the finishing looks of my watercolor pieces, and just to take my drawing to the next level.

#Inktober2017 Week 2: What I've Learned (So Far)

Day 08 (Inktober 2017 Art Challenge)

Happy Monday, everyone!

It is time for another update on my #Inktober2017 progress. I am so proud of myself for hanging in there and totally kicking butt with this art challenge. It is very rare that I get this big of an accomplished feeling when it comes to my artwork, because I am too critical of myself and my work. I am happy about this challenge and so glad that I have been giving it my very best effort. Here are my pieces for Week 2: Day 8 - 14.