Japan Fest 2018 at the New Orleans Museum of Art

My favorite sculpture I saw at NOMA today. Sadly, I foolishly forgot to look for a plaque with artist's information. :(

Happy #Inktober, everyone! I won't be participating in the challenge this year but I hope all of the art community enjoy and have a great learning experience in their journey with art this month. I haven't been active as much (both on and offline) with art as of late as my fiancé and I got though the first-time home buying process. Boy, has it been a wild ride but I am so blessed and happy to be opening this new chapter in my life. We have so many plans for this new home; especially with having our own space to creativity do the things we both enjoy. Bare with my absence I we complete this process and get our footing in our new home. I hope all is back to normal for my artwork my December (yay! my birthday month)

Artist's Desk: Updates & Aspirations

#WIP Koi fish commission

I can't believe September is underway and the year is almost to an end! Everyone is a buzz with the prospect of Fall weather, Halloween decorations and the pending holiday bustle to come. I can barely wrap my head around it, honestly! I am still stuck back in the feeble beginnings of February when the year was fresh and new and I had a long list of goals (which, I am happy to say, has been checked off!   *Yay*) I have gotten caught up with learning the ropes in my new job position, but I am enjoying every single step of the way!

Art Organization: Inspiration Boards

Wow! I can't believe it has been about a month since my last post here. With much gratitude, I started a new career path in mid-July and learning new work duties at my new job has taken up the majority of my time. Never fear! I am still artin' in my spare time; including watercolor commissions. For the time being, graphic commissions are closed. I hope to add digital drawing to my list of offerings in 2019, but for now I am focusing on upgrading my tech. Today, I wanted to chat a bit about one of my favorite tips I've learned (or gotten accustomed to utilizing, rather) at my new job...INSPIRATION BOARDS! Keep reading if you're interested.