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Art Jealousy?

I recently rediscovered the artist, Alisa Vysochina (Alisa Draws) on YouTube. I took a liking to her art style last year when I first jumped into my journey of learning to create with watercolors. Since then, I've decided to take a closer look at what she speaks about in her videos; not just her work. This video, Hardcore Art Jealousy really stuck with me and I wanted to make a post about it!

Art trading with Mara

This cutie is for sale in the shop!

Happy Friday, creatives!

It has been another stressful week, but I am glad it is over and I welcome the weekend with open arms! Today, on Instagram, I announced my desire for art trading with artists who've came across my work on Instagram. I gain so much inspiration by following other artists who are interested in the same subject matter and mediums as I am. Unfortunately, the artist life can be quite..broke! The next best thing is to trade artwork! In doing so, I can share a piece of myself with another artist and grow my art collection. I hope others have came across my PSA and would like to participate with me for the month of October.

In doing that, I am also offering a Halloween Special on both commissioned work and Ready to Ship artwork. Head to the Shop page for more details and to take a peek at the spooky cuties listed for sale.

Art Therapy: Art as healing

It is no secret that many famous artists (past and present) suffered from mental illness or even physical illnesses. I have not been diagnosed by any medical professional, but I know my body more than anyone else and I'm certain I have experienced bouts of anxiety and stress on a frequent basis. I am very happy that I have art to turn to; not just because I enjoy it or I have developing talents with it, but because it soothes those ailments without the need of medication. This may not be the end-all-be-all for everyone, but it works for me!

Magical artwork vibes

My magical unicorn; the first of it's kind. :)

Happy Friday!

I am realizing that my one year anniversary of painting is soon approaching! I am both surprised and proud of myself. Often times, my interests are fleeting from one hobby to another...but I really stuck it out with this one. I have tried cross-stitching, knitting, acrylic nail art, and many others but its been a whole year that I have attempted to learn more and do more with fine art. Yay!

Upgrade! New Watercolor Art Supplies

Wow, I haven't posted here in awhile. It seems there is never enough hours in a day to do all the things. I'm here today, though, to gush over my latest upgrade in watercolor art supplies! If you've been following my blog, you know that last year my fiancé purchased me a plethora of new and amazing art materials for me to dive head first into creating fine art. I've had a year to work with the  Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors, Reeve's Gouache, Holbein Artist's Gouche and Dr. PH Martin's Hydra Liquid Watercolors. Overtime, I have developed my likes and dislikes about certain water colors and I think I have come to a solution on how to get all of what I fancy in one place.

My Needs in Watercolor



-Palette friendly

-Generous Mixing Area

-Some lightfast capabilities

After researching a lot of the top artist/professional grade watercolors like Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Schminke, and others I actually landed on a Korean brand that I've been hearing about over and over. YouTube is the biggest advertisement when it comes to the hype of certain art tools and supplies; once again I fell for the trap. (Although, I have never been lead wrong on good art supplies!) Behold, the Mijello Mission Gold Class Watercolors and the Mijello Bullet Proof Glass palette! My artist idol, Jacquelin de Leon and others use this brand and highly recommend it (as well as Daniel Smith for granulation). After e-mailing Jacquelin on skin tone additions to this palette, she recommended Daniel Smith's Naples Yellow Red for lighter skin tones that mix well with the browns in the Mission Gold 34 set. I wasted no time in making my final decision, since these were the paints I were already itching to purchase. I also headed to Dick Black website and purchased a couple Black Velvet Silver squirrel hair blend brushes. These are said to be the highest quality watercolor brushes. I've never had any good quality brushes before and I am very excited to try them. I am pretty sure what I've been using is the wrong shit.

Overall, I am very excited and I can't wait until everything arrives!