YouTube, Inktober, and alcohol based markers

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Happy Thursday artsy people!

Today I am sharing my thoughts about a few topics. Since the creation of my art Instagram account @maramedium, my friends and fiancé have been encouraging me to start a YouTube channel and/or open up an online shop for my work. Wow! What a big step! I feel like I was just thinking it over to even create a blog...and now what's next? I feel like right now, my work isn't quite where I'd want it to be to open up such an avenue. Yet, I find myself making graphics for this fictional YouTube channel, learning how to do animated end screen caps, looking at professional intro videos on Fiverr and more. It seems like I'm headed to making a YouTube channel after all! It may be some time, but I think it'll be a fun venture to embark on.

My First Art Purchases!

Along with acquiring fun new art supplies for the start of my new collection, I've also been purchasing work from some of my favorite artists. I've been inspired and driven by: Kiara Studios, Jacqueline de Leon, Geneva B, Stef Azevedo and many others. Here's photos of what I purchased! You can check out each artist's shop by viewing the Resources tab above!

Jacqueline de Leon
It's no surprise that I chose Jacqueline's work to be my first purchase. She is the first artist I found online that really got me motivated to start creating art again. She makes it so relaxing and fun! Her Aqueous artist book was one of my first purchases (and ticked off my wishlist!) Since then, I've gotten my first print from her as well as a sticker pack. Her cute extras and a discount code for future purchases was very sweet!

The piece that started it all. "Summer Girl" print. I love the paper's rounded corners.

A peek inside of "Aqueous". Beautiful pages of artwork!

Kiara's Studio
Kiara is such a down-to-Earth artist. Her work is meaningful and relatable; I love that! Most of her works have a story attached to them or a description of her inspiration. She also takes time to comment back and communicate with her viewers and customers which really touches my heart. She's a humble artist and I wish the biggest and best for her talents. I was fortunate enough to purchase this original piece from her work. It's even more beautiful in person.

The handwritten Thank You card and sticker of Kiara's artwork were a really personal touch!

Here's Kiara's information if you'd like to contact her for commission or artwork.

Geneva Benton
GDBee's work is new to me, but it didn't take me long to fall in love. She is, so far, the only digital illustrator's work that has resonated with me. Being a graphic designer, I can greatly appreciate what she does by taking her hand-drawn work and bringing it to life through the computer. Her vibrant colours and portrayal of various cultures/ethnicity really inspires me. She's somewhere between Lisa Frank in colour palette and African culture vibes (at least to me!)

A look inside "Artificial"s pages. I love when my favorite artists release artbooks.

In the meantime, I am collecting works that speak to me. Soon I plan on purchasing a simple portfolio album to keep everything in. Some pieces I plan to frame and hang on my wall in my new room, once things are settled. I can't wait! I also ordered works from Stef Acevedo and Victoria Gedvillas (Toriann) but it hasn't arrived in the mail just yet... To be continued!

My first go with gouache and other new mediums!

Here is a standard envelope sized piece I did for my letter-friend India. I've recently been inspired by a lot of artists I found on YouTube. This one takes after the fun and bubbly graffiti art of Miss Wah.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today, I wanted to share one of my first experience using gouache paint. If you've checked out my most recent post sharing my new art supplies, you'll know that I received a spankin' brand new set of Holbein Artist's Gouache. I wasted no time at all putting these beauties to paper. I've been practicing using my new art mediums by doing mini pieces to gift to letter friends (yes, pen palling hobbies still exist!) as well as making sketchbook covers so I can keep up with the dates for each book.

Haul: Anniversary Art Supplies!

First let me begin by wishing my soul mate, best friend and beloved fiance, Mr. 8Bit, a Happy Anniversary! I love you dearly and greatly appreciate the support, care, and love you give me. I'm so blessed to have you in my life and pray for many more years with you.

I'm showcasing the amazing art supplies my love gifted me for our anniversary! We have been together for four years, as of September 2nd. This past July 28th we got engaged and I couldn't be happier. Mr. 8Bit is also an artist; of a different variety. His interests lie in gaming, animation, and Funko Pop collecting. He's basically the man version of myself (as I am in interested in graphic art, drawing, and doll collecting!) Over the years, he has always been able to pen point just what I need for my creative fuel. This year we exchanged wish lists for what we would enjoy as a gift. I never imagined he would purchase every item on my list! How did I get so lucky with this man?!

Dr. Ph Martin's Hydrus Watercolor Set A
Ever since my desire for learning watercolor was fueled, Dr. Ph Martin's Hydrus Watercolor liquid watercolor paint has been at the top of my Wishlist. I'm in love with how vibrant they are and the fact that they can be used for brush lettering as it's already at the perfect liquid consistency, made me want them even more. I cannot wait to get started with these.

Holbein Artist's Gouache 12pc Designers Set
So far, the only gouache I've tried is Reeve's brand; this is a major upgrade. The Designer set is artist grade too! I've opened the caps on these beauties and the pigments are SO bright and colorful. Its a dream come true on paper. The swatches simply glow!

19" LED Light Tracing Tablet
It has been a bit of a pain holding my drawings up to the nearest available sunlit window. Now, I won't have to (plus I can do work at night!) I'm so excited about this light tablet, you have no idea.

13" Apple MacBook Air
This gift basically takes the cake. Mr. 8Bit purchased this light weight laptop to take with us on our vacation; after that he "gave" it to me. I knew he planned to do this all along. It's his way of making me accept an expensive gift without feeling too guilty. I love my man!

I wasted no time in swatching the paints, drawing pieces with the light tablet and even blogging on the Macbook! I'm in artist heaven. I can't wait to take some quality photos of the few sketch pieces I've done with the new medium. Those are coming soon!

My journey into comic books

Lately, I've been finding myself drawn to comic books. This is a literature type that I've never given a second look when I was a teen or in college. I don't know why! For some reason, I thought only classic superheroes lived was I wrong! WRONG WRONG! Not only are comic books home to several female protagonists, but some of the most beautifully illustrated works, too. I'm trying to learn more about comics and the artists behind them by researching titles I think I'd enjoy reading.

Sketchbook: My Doodles

I consider the sketchbooks I work in now 100% exploratory. Along the way, my goal is to discover my style, relax and just enjoy working my hand, medium and paper. So far, I have done a few pages that I think I would enjoy making into a full project piece (especially the florals). I love the line work of my doodles! Who needs an adult coloring book when you can basically take a blank page and do the same thing. In any case, I still decided to make sketchbook covers for each of my books. Years from now, I think I'll enjoy looking back on my work and seeing how I have grown.

Happy Art Drop Day!

Today, September 1st is deemed World Art Drop Day in the artist community! This concept is new to me and I thought it was so fun and inspirational; I had to research further on it. Although, I will not be participating in Art Drop Day today, in the future I do plan on trying this and seeing if I can spread a bit of happiness :)