My ArtTube and relocating

What's up art people!

I haven't posted in awhile; my apologies! My life has been crazy to say in the least. A few posts back I mentioned how my city under went a state of emergency due to weather/rain. The apartment my Mom and I shared was destroyed and unlivable. Since then we have been living at my aunt's home. That all began three months ago. Things have changed and I have sense moved in with my fiance and his family. I'm happy to be with him and get to see him all the time, but of course it isn't the same as owning our own place together. Nonetheless, I am very grateful and thankful; I constantly count my blessings!

On another note, I am happy to say that I have kept my commitment of posting a video to my art Youtube channel once a week! Tomorrow will make three weeks since I started this art journey on YouTube. I've deemed Thursdays as my new video release days. I'm excited to debut my latest creation, Animal Chat. It is inspired by my good friend, Kelsey. :) If you missed last week's video, watch now!

Launch Day! Mara Medium on YouTube

Happy Thursday, art world!

Today, I spontaneously decided that I would launch my ArtTube channel. I originally planned for December 1st (my Birthday), but after giving some thought to my fiance's words about putting myself out there and being afraid of failure...I decided to face my fear head on. Today marks the first Thursday of many that shall post art related videos on YouTube! I am excited to do more filming. I plan to keep the schedule of weekly uploads on Thursdays.

For my first video, I thought it would be interesting to have a look through of my first finished sketchbook. Enjoy!

Fiverr art, Inktober progress and box braids

TGIF art world!

Fridays always make me happy, wether I have plans to do something or not. Today, I am catching up on #InkTober youtube videos, browsing Pinterest and generally taking it easy. I got a new hair do. Haha! This is totally not art related, but I was so inspired by the idea of colorful mermaid hair I had to go for it. I've been trying to find things to do to my afro-textured natural hair without relaxing it. This should hold me over for a while before I get bored again. I feel like all artists love to go for colorful hair at least once.

First Impressions: Prima Watercolor Confections ~ Pastel Dreams

I've noticed lots of scrapbookers and card designers have interest in watercolors to make their creations. I love how artists of all types can take one medium and utilize it to create various projects! Along the way, I came across the Prima brand; more specifically their Prima Watercolor Confections paints! I recently ordered one (with a sweet discount!) from the newly released set, Pastel Dreams caught my attention and I had to have it. Of all the watercolors I own, pastel shades aren't one of them...until now!

My First Art Purchases! (part 2)

I'm back with a continuation from my post, my first art purchases, to show case the rest of my new art purchases. I am so humbled and pleased with everything!

Stef Azevedo
This order I was worried had gotten lost in the mail! However, it did make it safely to me. Stefari also included such a sweet in caring note. When I first placed my orders I posted on Instagram about how excited I was to start my collection of art over again, after everything I had previously collected got lost in the flood. How sweet and unexpected!

Victoria Gedvillas
Formally known as Juicy Ink or Tori; her bubbly and happy works always make me feel cheerful! I purchased a large mystery pack of items and I am in love. Her packaging was adorable and a joy to open up (it feels like my birthday!) I enjoy all the prints (especially Jubilee from X-Men) as well as the cute business card and sticker. In one of her Instagram stories she stated the large mystery packs would include a special comic created by the art students at her alma mata; how cool! I love Tori's videos. Her cute and calming voice allows me to relax and stop overthinking my artwork.

Cute doodles and Tori stamp on the large cardboard packing envelope :)

Is this not the cutest wrapping paper! I love this kind (I even added sparkle to exaggerate!)

Overall, I am beyond pleased with my first art purchases from some of my favorite artists. I can't wait to get my album book started and find some frames.