Finding my niche in people drawing

Last week's artTube upload; I was having an emotional week! Can't ya tell? Lol

Hello art world!

It's been a while since my last post; don't worry. I am still at the artist's block creating away. Lately, I have been practicing and giving it a lot of thought on exactly what I want in a figure and what I like, when it comes to drawing. It's no brainer that I love drawing female figures. I feel like women have so much diversity to them and capturing each combination is fun! Various hair styles/types, body shapes, eyes, lips...the list goes on. Plus, I feel more comfortable drawing women because I am one. I am my best source for drawing females! It's easy to take a photo of yourself and learn from features.

With that being said; I am struggling! I am sure this is normal. I don't expect to be a master artist overnight. However, is it supposed to be this hard? I always have the urge to draw and create, but when I do nothing I produce is good enough or to my liking. Most of the time, I nix the idea altogether. I try my best to draw from my own mind's eye, but I am starting to think using reference photos (at least for now) isn't a bad idea.

ArtTube Thursdays and Commissioned Work

Hey Art World!

Today is what I have deemed, ArtTube Thursday! I uploaded my most recent speed painting video, Space Kitten. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this one despite all the complications I had in filming it. I've relocated from my aunt's house to my fiance and mother-in-law's apartment. It's a bit of a challenge to film the quality of art videos that I would like, but I must push forward. I do not want to quit after it took me so long to get started with my YouTube channel! My fiance supports me of course, and cheers me on. A lot of my art supplies and materials are packed away in storage, but I have the essentials with me for creating and I'm happy with that.