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The artist and the artist's style

My ultimate goal right now, as an artist, is to get to a point where I have developed my style of artwork. You know, the point where you can see a collection of works and see the cohesiveness. The point where you can see a curated gallery of works from various artists and always be able to point out the pieces that belong to a certain artist. That is the point at which I want to reach. I feel like this point is reached only after months (even years) of continuous work in your choice of media. I feel like at times I shall never reach it. I have always identified myself as a versatile artist. There is no one defining factor that points my work out. Between digital and hand drawn/painted work; you cannot tell. I also enjoy so many different mediums that it is impossible to stick to one (I also find it nearly impossible to mesh them all the way I want). If I can never pin point a few factors that seem to "make up" a certain style, I fear I will never find mine.

Personal factors that will help me reach my style

*Focus on one type of subject matter (i.e. florals, female figures, faces, clothing, etc)

*Consistency with one to two mediums (i.e. watercolor, gouche, pen/ink, alcohol markers)

*Choose your color palette tone (This is just the ultimate struggle. I literally love them ALL)

Overall, I personally feel as if, if I don't buckle down on these things I will never be able to find my footing. I am exasperated with just trying. Not to mention, out of all paper types (watercolor, marker, etc haha)

I recently came across a video by one of my favorite artists, Tori of Juicy Ink. She expressed her feelings of wanting to ditch her art style in order for her to branch out and experience/learn more. She felt as if she was somewhat stuck between financially supporting herself, pleasing her fan base and doing what she feels is right and pleasing to her own heart as an artist. Towards the end of the video I feel as if she's made up her mind, yet she really still wants to hear what viewers would have to say about the subject. I can only imagine what she is feeling right now! However, being the position that I am currently in; I can only dream of trading places with her right now. It seems SO hard just to get to Square One with finding your art style. To completely abandon it...I can't think of it. I do agree with her when she states that her style is a part of her; she couldn't complete leave it behind even if she wanted to.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Although I am a firm believer in celebrating the ones I love in various acts of kindness every day (not just once a year) throughout the year, I am very grateful and appreciative of the way my fiance takes care in making sure the day is special for me. This year, he definitely floored me with the biggest Valentine's Day surprise...yes, even bigger than the 50 inch+ pink stuffed unicorn I received last year.