Art trade with my favorite artist?!

Recently I had the pleasure to do a trade of sorts with one of my favorite artists, Kiara Moore! You may know her as KiarasStudio on YouTube and Instagram. I discovered Kiara's work via YouTube one day when I was researching which alcohol based markers to purchase. I instantly fell in love with her artwork style as well as her personality! She is so funny and creative; always keeps her viewers thinking and wanting to create. Since then, I have strived to be the best artist I can be and taken many new turns in discovering my art style.

I purchased a RENDR sketchbook in October/September of last year and only recently cracked it open to start on it. The paper quality lived up to it's name but ultimately it was just not for me. I did not enjoy the dulled/greyed white of the paper and how it dulled down my alcohol based colors. It is an expensive sketchbook for any artist who loves to try different things. At $17-18 USD I didn't want it to go to waste! I knew that Kiara enjoyed this type of paper and often used it in her videos, so I contacted her in regards that she may like to do a trade/swap with me. I was willing to trade the sketchbook with her for any one of her available postcard sized works of art. She contacted me back and said yes! I was so happy and excited! I really do admire her, and this was such a sweet thing for her to do. She is a very busy person between managing her YouTube channel, art commissions and daily life. I packaged up the sketchbook with some extra art goodies I think she may like, and mailed it out as soon as I could. In fact, I received her part of the trade before I even mailed her package. One more reason to art-crush on her!

The beautiful artwork I received is this image below. Check out her awesome video on the creation of this piece. (I love when there is a video of an art piece that I purchased from the artist!!)

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