How I price my artwork

My most recent commission, ready for it's new home!

I've had the blessing of receiving a few interested customers in commissioned artwork. I thought it'd be nice to share how I price my artwork as well as custom pieces. With any hand crafted work of art, it takes time, talent and materials to complete. Keep reading for more details if you're interested!

Size matters
What I like to start out with when making an estimate for my artwork is the size of the piece. If the piece is going to be done in gouache or watercolor and it's 14 x 17" it's going to take quite a while to cover the area and time for layers to dry before completion. So, size matters here! Smaller pieces can be done in less time.

Subject matters too!
Currently, I feel like I have a relatively good grasp on florals. I am comfortable with them and I enjoy doing them. Portraits of children or adults is more challenging. To capture the likeness and essence of a loved one is important, so the fee for more complex images will cost more.

Framing & Shipping options
The biggest fact in wrapping up a total is if the customer wants special shipping options (2-day or sooner!) as well as framing options. Framing can greatly effect the overall cost of shipping as well.

For me, right now, this system works. I know most artist break down the numbers when it comes to cost of materials and an hourly wage. I figured this is great if you get a steady flow of commissions or pieces being sold. However, I am not in that position (yet!) so this system works for me.

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