Magical artwork vibes

My magical unicorn; the first of it's kind. :)

Happy Friday!

I am realizing that my one year anniversary of painting is soon approaching! I am both surprised and proud of myself. Often times, my interests are fleeting from one hobby to another...but I really stuck it out with this one. I have tried cross-stitching, knitting, acrylic nail art, and many others but its been a whole year that I have attempted to learn more and do more with fine art. Yay!

The second in my unicorn series; a Work In Progress

As of late, I have just been focusing more on my supplies and discovering what I love and what works best for me. I stopped beating myself up over wether what I was producing was good enough to keep or sell, and focused on creating. I'm happy to say I create some sort of artwork every day..even if it's something as simple as a sketch to test some paper, or paper crafting with glitter and sequins (which I do a lot of give my planner addiction!)

A pocket sized, 2.5 x 3.5" unicorn commission 

My traveler's notebooks, for my new magical unicorn planner

I decided to start a mixed media unicorn series, using watercolor, gouache, acrylic, gold inks, colored pencils and sequins/glitter! So far, I am on my second piece but I've had the opportunity to do two commissioned unicorns. I am proud of my magical creations.

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